6 Tips For Protecting Your House From Water Damage In Tampa

Water damage can become a major expense and one big headache rather quickly. Even if your house is constructed using the toughest of materials such as wood or even concrete, it is possible to suffer water damage. Usually, water damage affects 3 areas – the laundry room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. It is only natural that it affects these areas since they are in constant contact with water.

Lucky for you, it is possible to protect your home from water damage. If you can follow the following 6 tips, which are provided by Tampa Restoration Pro, you can ensure that major water damage never happens.

1. Check Around Your Appliances Regularly

Your sinks, fridge, water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine can all develop tiny leaks that you don’t even notice. However, if enough water starts building up on the floor underneath it may start eating away at the floors and can damage nearby cabinets. Checking around your appliances regularly will help you identify leaks as soon as they happen to help ensure that the water damage never occurs.

2. Do Not Ignore The Caulk Or Grout

Caulk and grout are both designed to keep moisture out of floors and walls. However, even small gaps, holes, and cracks can all allow in plenty of water. Before you are even aware, you can find yourself dealing with soft spots and water stains. Check your caulk and grout and ensure that all cracks, holes, or gaps, are sealed.

3. Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Open

Your house may try to tell you something sometimes, but you don’t always hear it. Be on the lookout for any signs that water damage has started to form such as soft spots in the drywall, water stains, water pooling, or even the sound of running water even when you have all your faucets turned off. Keeping your eyes and ears open ensures that you nip the damage in the bud before it advances.

4. Never Ignore Your Home While On Vacation

Unfortunately, a good number of people come back from their relaxing trip to find their homes completely flooded. When you travel out of town, you can have your neighbor or friend come over to check on your house. If you do not have anybody that you can delegate this task to, consider shutting off the main water line to your home before leaving.

5. Keeping Your Pipes Warm

While it may not happen much in the Tampa Bay area but once the temperature drops it is important to take care of your pipes. Covering pipes or letting faucets drip helps to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. You should also consider leaving the cabinets open to allow warm air in under the sinks. Burst pipes can cause massive flooding quickly leaving the interior of your home looking like a pond.

6. Avoid Procrastinating

If you see any issue regardless of how minor it might be, you should have it fixed without delay. It does not take much for a small water problem to turn into a major disaster. Putting off repairs today could leave you facing very extensive and expensive water damage today.

Final Thoughts

Water damage can be quite distressing and expensive to fix, and prevention is always the best cure to this problem. This article has looked at some of the ways in which you can prevent water damage from actually happening to your home. So, just follow the six tips provided here, and you will be okay. It is worth noting that the tips discussed here are applicable not only to Tampa but anywhere else in the country or the world.

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